3 Month Wedding: Invitations and Guest List

Now that you have your date and dress picked out, it’s time to move on to the next important aspect… invitations! In the early stages of planning, P and I were leaning towards just talking to people and using Facebook. It was cheaper and seemed more efficient but the more we started thinking about it, the more we wanted real ones and realized that even with our short planning period, they were something we could have!

Choosing the Invitations

As with the dress, you want to make sure that the invitations you choose will be done in time (actually, that can just go for everything when you’re planning a wedding in a short amount of time) but it should be much easier to find invitations than it was to find the dress. I would highly recommend using Costco for invitations. They’re beautiful, fancy, fast, and affordable. They only take 5-7 business days to print at which point you can pick them up and stick them in a mail. I ordered mine on a Friday and the following Sunday they were already in the mail! Many of their invitations are part of a wedding suite which means you can get matching thank you notes and programs as well (ours was not, but we went with a chalkboard theme so finding matching programs hasn’t been too hard.) Etsy can also be a great resource but since I am now hugely biased towards Costco, here’s a link:

The invitations end up being about $0.69 per piece (invitation and envelope) which is REALLY hard to beat, especially for the quality and turnaround you’re getting!

Making a Guest List


I originally started my guest list in Excel but then switched to using… and I’m so glad I did.

If you’re not familiar with, I would highly recommend making an account right now. Like take a break from reading this right now and go make an account because especially if you’re planning a wedding quickly, it’s really going to help keep you organized and help expedite parts of the process! The “My Guest List” feature lets you create and manage a guest list. You add each party individually, add their address, Spouse/Guest and Children information, choose what “group” they’re part of (either Bride’s Family/Friends or Groom’s Family/Friends) and then move on to the next party. You can also add email addresses and phone numbers. The email addresses become especially helpful if you need some guests’ mailing addresses but have their email addresses already… will email them for you, have them input their address as it should appear on the envelope, and then your work is done! (Note: I didn’t use that feature since I had almost everyone’s addresses to begin with but it looks extremely helpful, especially if you do have those email addresses and are on a time crunch.)

And, if you make a guest list through, you should go ahead and create a website through them as well! It’s free to create a website and is a great tool to share wedding information with your guests. Also, the really cool part: it has an RSVP page. Yep, that’s right. All your guests will need to do when they want to RSVP is visit your website, type in their name and then a menu appears with all of their party information. The simply select which people will be attending, what meal they would like (if you’re doing meals/meal options… we are not, but it is a helpful feature), click send and they are done! You’ll get an email and a notification on that someone has RSVP’d to your wedding too. It doesn’t get much simpler or more efficient than that.

While we’re on the subject of websites, the sites also somewhat automatically link to all your wedding registries (I had to enter a couple manually but even that was super easy.) It’s a great way to stay organized and give your guests one-stop access to all your registries and wedding information, especially if you have multiple registries like we do!

I hope this gives you some guidance as to how to tackle the invitation side of things quickly! These tips can definitely be used for weddings that aren’t being planned in 3 months too 🙂 My next post of this series will focus on finding a photographer, so stay tuned!

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