3 Month Wedding: The Bridal Party


Today we’re focusing on the bridal party! Just because you’re planning your wedding quickly doesn’t mean you can’t have a bridesmaid or two… or five… or ten. Really, if you have ten close friends that you all want to be bridesmaids go for it! There are just a few hoops to jump through.

Choosing Your Bridesmaids

You really want to start thinking about the bridal party as soon as possible and start confirming dates with your friends. Be prepared that some of the girls you might want as bridesmaids might not be able to make it on shorter notice or might already have plans (one of my friends that I REALLY wanted to be at my wedding had a family vacation planned in the exact range of dates we had to choose from for our wedding ūüė¶ ) Be understanding about it and try to include them in any way you can because even though they might not have the title of “bridesmaid” it’ll still feel good to you – and to them! – to include them in the dress fitting, parties, etc. I’m even setting up a time with my friend where we can get “wedding pictures” taken… I need to practice my hair and makeup anyway so why not put on my dress and take some special pictures while we’re at it?

Just as a side note, I ended up with two bridesmaids and a maid of honor and P has a best man and 2 groomsmen as well. So our wedding party is on the smaller side.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Surprisingly, getting bridesmaid dresses can take just as long if not longer than the wedding gown! So get started on those right away. We ended up having to pay extra to rush our order ($20 per dress through the shop we went through) but in the end it will be worth it because the dresses are perfect. Regardless, make sure the person helping you is aware of your wedding date (just like with the wedding gown) and make sure to ask to only see dresses that could be in on time.

Another alternative is to buy dresses “off the rack” from online boutiques like They aren’t technically bridesmaid dresses but they do have many cuts that would work for bridesmaids and be something your friends would like to wear again! Plus they’re more affordable than bridesmaid dresses, which is a huge plus if you’re having your dream wedding on a budget.

As far as “real” bridesmaid dresses go, David’s¬†Bridal has many styles for $99 that come in a variety of colors! After my experiences with the store though, I would probably suggest to stay away from them unless you find something PERFECT there. However, there are pros to going through David’s Bridal, mainly that Men’s Wearhouse has¬†tuxes to match most if not all of David’s Bridal’s colors. I believe they mentioned they had Allure’s colors as well.¬†My¬†bridesmaids and I chose a dress from Jasmine which is not carried by Men’s Wearhouse. We couldn’t find a color there that matched the dresses perfectly, so we ended up going with our second wedding color for the guys and I LOVE it as an alternative when you can’t find a perfect match with the tuxes!


As mentioned above, Men’s Wearhouse has lots of coordinating color options and even if they don’t have your color, they’re probably the best for tuxes. And if they do have any color that works, a simple silver vest and tie under the jacket for the guys looks great with everything!

Getting a wedding dress through David’s Bridal got me $40 off each tux rental for our party too (and the groom’s tux free with 5 rentals… good thing both our dads are wearing tuxes as well) so that definitely swayed us towards Men’s Wearhouse a bit too. So far, we have been very impressed with their service, much more than with David’s Bridal!

Also, I apologize for the lack of posts this week! It feels like I haven’t posted at all and it’s driving me crazy… life happened though but we’re getting things back on track and I’m planning out all my blog posts for next week starting this weekend because there are a LOT of things to post about! From here on out, wedding posts will be on “Wedding Wednesday” and next week’s will focus on all the projects I’ve completed so far, plus a list of what’s to come! I’ve been waiting for the weather to dry out a bit so I can really start spray painting… so far, no luck but maybe tomorrow afternoon will bring the dryness I need!



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