3 Month Wedding: DIYs (Part 1)

So, funny story. I totally had more DIYs to share with you guys and was putting the finishing touches on one of them last night when I glued my fingers together.

I craft a LOT. Like a lot a lot. Admittedly, I’m not nearly as careful as I should be with some of the products I use but that’s because I’ve found that a lot of the warnings really are overly cautious. I’ve used glue labeled as “skin-bonding” multiple times with no problems at all. Heck, I’ve gotten it all over my hands and other than the minor stickiness that comes with getting glue on your fingers, I’ve had no problems whatsoever. So I was surprised last night when I got the TINIEST drop of Alene’s Super Gel Adhesive on my fingers while setting Swarovski crystals on my latest project and my fingers were instantly bonded together. Apparently with some glues, that “bonds skin” warning is no joke! Anyway, I will be picking up some tweezers of some sort today to use while continuing this project, although I’m not sure how well that will work since this glue literally does bond instantly to pretty much anything. We’ll see though. I have a couple backup plans in mind already if the tweezers don’t work. However, I can say that once complete (and granted everything else goes well with the glue!) that the projects I was working on last night will be offered in my etsy shop.

At least on the bright side, I know my wedding decorations won’t be falling apart now!

Between the glue incident and getting sick last weekend, I don’t have nearly as many completed projects to share with you guys as I’d hoped 😦 In fact, I only have two that are fully complete, one of which isn’t even that big. Hopefully this weekend will bring better health and lots of time for me to really get started on my DIYs! Now that the bulk of the planning is done, I’m going to be able to devote a lot more time to making the various projects I have planned!


Card Box

This took SO LONG to make, mostly with staining the box. I’m really happy about how it turned out though! It’s slightly more orange in person and I was worried that it would be too orange, but once I added the purple decorations it looked perfect! It definitely adds the warmth I was looking for since our colors (purple and Tiffany’s blue) are both on the cooler side of things.



This barely counts as a DIY, at least in my book, but we also have the whole chalkboard theme going on with our wedding. This took way longer than it should have, mostly because I was being a perfectionist and refused to use anything other than a paint pen to go around the edges of the wooden plaque, but I seriously love how it turned out! It will be right outside the sanctuary of the church with our names written on it in a fun script 🙂

DIY Projects in the Works:

  • TOMS – If you’ve visited my etsy shop before, you’ll see that I make handpainted TOMS for weddings… so of course I had to make my own! Mine will be a very different style though, which will also be added to my shop once they’re done!
  • Toasting Flutes – What I was working on when I glued my fingers together. Hoping to get these done ASAP because I’m excited about them!

What do you think of my projects so far? Please comment below and I would be happy to answer any questions about them as well!

Until next “Wedding Wednesday”…



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