3 Month Wedding: Registries


Registries are relatively self-explanatory (think of them as a giant wish list of things you and your fiancé would like as you start your life together) but if you’re having a short engagement, jump on them quickly! I recommend this for several reasons:

  1. Unlike brides getting married a year (or more!) out, your items will mostly all still be available when your wedding comes around… so you can start registering right away!
  2. Creating your registry will help you establish an idea of what you guys absolutely need once you’re living together as well as what things you really want, which is a huge help when it comes to creating a budget for the months leading up to the wedding and your first months as husband and wife.
  3. If you’re moving right around when you’re getting married (like I am) and are going to be living off of limited income for awhile, that budgeting is essential!

Even if you’re not getting married “right away,” you can still start on your registry earlier than you think! I enjoyed adding lots of items to ours and then going over it again a week later and then a week before we sent out invitations to make edits… it made choosing pieces we liked a lot easier! If you’re worried about things being discontinued before your wedding, stick with adding things that will likely be around for a long while to your registry first, such as fine china (we picked out a gorgeous set from Kate Spade) and everyday dining, if you’re going with a name brand (I’ve had my set from Martha Stewart that I bought at Macy’s for over a year and am still in love!)

If you haven’t already, you should make a website on (see header picture) even if you just use it for your registries. It allows you to link all your registries to one page so guests can quickly view all of them with just one link.

As for number of registries, do what you want! Even if you only have a couple items from one store or retailer that you would really like, it’s okay to add them and then make a note that gift cards are appreciated as well, especially on sites like Amazon. P and I ended up registering at 5 different places:

  • Target (our main registry)
  • Bed Bath and Beyond (basic stuff that Target didn’t have)
  • Macy’s (fine china and kitchen items that Target didn’t have)
  • Amazon (just two items, plus gift cards)
  • Anthropologie (we’re in love with their décor and they released their registry the week after we got engaged. Coincidence? I think not! 🙂 )

It is generally recommended that you have around 1.5 – 2 times as many items on your registry as guests that you’ve invited just so that each guest has a variety to choose from. Make sure to pick items from a variety of price ranges too (not every guest will want to get you that $300 serving platter… and not every guest will want to get you a $15 frame either!)

When in doubt, if you’re sure you guys will want it, add it to your registry. Lots of the retailers will send you coupons to purchase items off your registry for a discount after your wedding (Target does 15% off and you can even use them before… I’ll be headed there to get us some towels this weekend!) so there are many advantages to erring on the side of adding more!

Next week I’ll be focusing on my favorite wedding beauty looks and tutorials as I start to put together my own bridal look! Only 55 days until we say “we do”! Eeek!



PS. Even though this wedding planning is stressful, I’m already starting to get blues about it being over in 55 days 😦 I just want to keep planning!

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