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Moving Monday: Update!

It’s crazy to think that there are only going to be four more installments of Moving Monday before my big move! It’s definitely starting to get scary and stressful, so I thought I’d dedicate today’s blog post to how things are going.

First off, moving cross-country is expensive. The cheapest quote we got was nearly $2000. We could have sold all of my stuff and bought new stuff once I was there for that much. We will be using FedEx Multiweight Shipping for the move, which basically is like shipping regular things via FedEx only they ship it all at once and place it on a palette so the cost is greatly reduced, at least in our case. I have about two more weeks to get everything packed and it is super stressful. I’m nowhere near done, but I want to have everything packed well before Christmas and shipped in time so that P can get it into our place before he heads home for the wedding. This weekend and next will be very busy, especially with the quarter also coming to an end. Luckily my finals are early on during finals week this year, but still. I’m ready to be done.

Moving is also very emotional, especially when you’re moving cross-country from the place you’ve lived all your life, your family, pets (and I LOVE my dog), friends, etc. It’s been getting in the way of me packing lately and just bringing my overall mood down. I know it will be okay but I’m already dreading the goodbye, especially since it falls on our wedding day. I worry a lot that the timing of it all will cause a bittersweet feeling whenever I think of our wedding in future years, even though I know that worrying about it will only increase the likelihood. It definitely helps to know that we could be back here in less than a year, but it’s also scary that it could be five years until we’re back since P won’t be out of the Navy until then. And it’s scary that he could still get stationed in Japan, a possibility I’m definitely not ready to deal with yet. I know we would make it work and would get through it because we love each other, but the thought of possibly being away from your husband for 4 years isn’t fun nor is the thought of being in a different country from the rest of your family (at least for me.)

In my heart, I know this is the right decision and I’m so excited for everything after saying goodbye to my family. We have an amazing honeymoon planned and then get to really spend time with each other for the first time in a year. We’ll get to start making a life together and add a pet or two along the way. And I know I’ll be okay, but at the moment this stress and anxiety is very consuming.

I hope and pray every night that we will end up back here within a year, or at least on the same coast. Or in the same country. Right now it doesn’t feel like any of that will happen, but I know statistically speaking it probably will. Getting to be back here with both our families would be a true blessing though, and I pray for it everyday.

What have your experiences been with the “first big move” away from home? Especially if you’re married to, engaged, or dating someone in the military I would love to hear your story! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Moving Monday: Update!

  1. We’ve moved cross country several times–My husband is in the Army. We’ve done WA to GA to WA to GA to AK to IN. Ha! It’s a crazy ride but it’s all worth it. You’ll meet some great people along the way. If you have any questions, you’re more than welcome to ask! Best of luck on your move:)

  2. That is so much to deal with! I’m sorry it’s so stressful hon 😦 But you will make it! Your wedding will be magical and after its over, you can look forward to the pictures, and it’ll be like getting to see your loved ones all over again 🙂

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