I’m Back!!!

15And with a new last name! These past few weeks have been incredibly busy and filled with many happy (and sad) tears as I married my best friend and said goodbye to my family and home of 17 years for awhile!

We are now getting settled into our first home together which happens to be an apartment, but I’ve never lived in an apartment before so usually refer to it as our house or home. It has it’s problems but for the most part, I’m very happy with it! I’m also taking a full 15 credits of classes online this quarter so am keeping very busy.

I’ve been trying to figure out the direction I would like my blog to take in the new year. As much as I loved my scheduled weekly “topic” posts, it took a lot out of blogging for me. I started blogging as something for myself and by the start of my brief vacation from Anchor Tales it no longer was the same thing for me. I may continue some sort of schedule or have a topic day each week but for the most part, I want to have the freedom that I first allowed myself while starting this blog. And I promise the posts will keep coming… I am still very busy now, but once my desk comes in this weekend I’ll try to give you guys updates throughout the week!

I haven’t felt much fashion on beauty inspiration lately due to the move (and coming down with the flu on the last day of our honeymoon… not fun, but I’m glad it waited!) so I’m hoping that blogging will help bring that part of me back because I miss it! Without a put together outfit and face, I don’t feel like myself. I’ve always been very put-together and organized and I’m ready to get that back amidst towers of cardboard boxes!

I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I think a favorite home items post is in order once everything is unpacked 🙂



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