Valentine’s Day

P and I got to celebrate Valentine’s Day together this year! Last year he was at boot camp and although we were fortunate with getting a call on February 13th, it just wasn’t the same. It was very nice this year to have a relaxing day together in our spotless apartment!

Last year, P still managed to surprise me for Valentine’s Day. I’m 99% sure that there’s nothing he could possibly do that would top last year, but I guess he can try. Since he was going to be at boot camp, he made a candy jar for me filled with 66 little notes (the number of days he could possibly be at boot camp since going into it you don’t know what day you’ll graduate), 66 dark chocolate kisses (my favorite, which are ironically wrapped in purple, my favorite color), and a little treasure chest in the center with a surprise in it for Valentine’s Day. I got to open one of the notes and one of the kisses each day he was gone, and boy did that help.


WP_20140213_004Like I said, I highly doubt he’ll ever be able to top Valentine’s Day 2014 just because everything was so thought out and he put SO much time into it in order to provide more “contact” through boot camp.

This year we got Valentine’s Day together and it was so nice to appreciate being together since truthfully we do not know when our next Valentine’s Day/Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s Eve/etc. will be together. Not taking any time – or especially any holiday – for granted makes it easier to cope with the reality that we will be apart for 9-10 months at a time when he’s in the fleet.

But back to the happy stuff 🙂

P really enjoys getting out and doing new things here, even more than I do at times (a lot of the joy in going places and traveling for me is the photography opportunities!) so I planned around 10 different “dates” that involve going out and seeing/experiencing parts of the area that we may never come back to or won’t see again for many years. He was pretty excited about that which was great!

While P’s been in the Navy, it’s definitely become a tradition to give me Pandora beads for each major holiday (or sometimes just as a surprise) since they’re a nice small way to slowly build a jewelry collection made of memories and stories. He surprised me with the limited edition Valentine’s Day charm this year as well as pretty pink roses… and a potato bouquet.

DSC_0130-2DSC_0139-2 DSC_0160-2P saw something online when we started going out about how flowers are a poor symbol of love as they die whereas potatoes just keep on growing. It has since been a joke between us so it was pretty funny when he gave me his handmade potato bouquet… even though we agree that the roses are a lot prettier 😉 I love how we can be goofy and sweet.


DSC_0215-2As always, I had to paint my nails pink for Valentine’s Day and I just couldn’t help taking one more artistic shot of my ring in the bouquet of roses. First time shooting with real flowers and it was a lot of fun 🙂

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend! Until next time,



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