Glitter and a Dachshund

New in the Shop: Gilded Canisters

This lovely set of three gilded canisters is new to my Etsy shop this week! They come in both gold and silver and are perfect for some fancy vanity or bathroom storage as well as decor pieces for other rooms in your home! I’ll be using mine on my vanity, which is quickly taking a white and gold theme, and I can’t wait to store cotton swabs, hair ties, and bobby pins in them!DSC_0109

I’ll be getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow but after that, I have so many things I want to share on my blog including my latest craft projects for our apartment, the progress of my vanity corner in the craft room/office, Roscoe updates (he’s now been with us over a month which is crazy!), more South Carolina pictures, a few of my favorite YouTube channels, some recipes I’ve been enjoying lately, and my new minimal effort makeup routine for the days I just don’t feel like doing a lot but still want to look a bit more polished. I’m excited!

Hope everyone is having a great week! My spring break started yesterday so aside from my wisdom teeth, things are pretty awesome right now 🙂



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