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DIY Wooden Monogram

Things have been really busy lately with school but I’ve finally had some time to work on apartment crafts that I’ve wanted to do since I knew we were going to be living here. I’ve joined some Facebook groups that make me REALLY eager for the day we have a house (more room for customization and projects!) but for now, our apartment will have to do šŸ™‚ And even it is a LOT of fun to decorate!

20150412_160422My most recent project was this wooden monogram which I’ve gotten some questions on so wanted to share all the steps I took to make it! Also, fun story about our TV stand… it’s this IKEA Hemnes TV unit that retails for $200 but we were able to find it on Craigslist for $75, which was especially awesome since the nearest IKEA is over 3 hours away! It does have some scratches but since the structure itself is solid wood, we plan on refinishing and likely staining everything but the drawers a bit lighter of a color once we have a place that we can do work like that.

The monogram cost about $10 to make after paint and the wooden shapes. I got the frame from Michaels (don’t forget to use a coupon!) and the wooden letter was from Walmart, but Michaels has many wooden letter styles to choose from as well. I also grabbed the paint at Walmart but it could definitely be bought at Michaels as well.

The very first thing I did was paint the B white. I probably could have skipped this step but at the time, I thought I was going to be using Martha Stewart metallic paint which I’ve found goes on very lightly. The B was a darker wood to begin with, so I wanted to start by creating a lighter background for the metallic paint to be on. (Also, side note, but aluminum foil is my favorite thing to paint on. It doesn’t rip or tear or stick to your project like paper/newspaper might. At worst, paint might dry on it AND stick to your project but it’s easily removable and very easy to create nice, clean edges with a knife once everything is dry.)

20150410_142052When choosing the colors, we went off an accent pillow that we have on our couch (pictures to follow!) so decided on the coppery gold and teal mix. It took three coats of the metallic paint to completely cover the B (first coat shown below) with lots of drying in between coats.

20150411_165441For the frame, I decided to use a small brush in order to really control where the paint went. I only ended up needing one coat since I applied it pretty heavily and very into the wood with the small brush. I prefer using small brushes while painting wood shapes from Michaels because a lot of the time, they have a nice dark wood finish on the edges which I like to leave. A smaller brush keeps that from getting messy šŸ™‚

20150412_092852Once it was all dry, my husband measured and hung it centered over our TV. We didn’t use any fancy hanging methods and as long as the nails you use are small enough, you don’t even notice them.

20150412_160434And a close up of the nails:


20150412_160422I LOVE how much it dressed our living room up! It’s amazing how $10 and some time can make a room look so much fancier. I’ve started looking at more “budget” DIYs since finishing the monogram and already have started some, so I’ll be sharing more projects as we make our apartment a home since we’ll be here for awhile!

If there are any specific things or rooms you’d like to see affordable DIYs for, please comment below because chances are, I need to make it too! šŸ™‚



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