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TOMS on a Tuesday

It’s been a busy past week for me between my dad visiting and getting three orders of wedding TOMS out. For those of you who aren’t familiar with my Etsy shop, Glitter and a Dachshund, I specialize in hand-painted TOMS. Most are for weddings but I’ve done other designs as well!

20150520_070620They take quite awhile to get just perfect, but it is so special to be able to create products that brides incorporate into their special day. I was never really into the whole wedding thing until it was my time to become engaged and plan our wedding. Now I love weddings. I would so love to plan another one because as stressful as the whole process is in the moment, it’s also a lot of fun from all the planning behind a computer and notebook to crafting and dress shopping. I. Love. Weddings.

20150520_070633P and I had our wedding though and it was beautiful. Since even the remote possibility of something like a vow renewal would be at least 10 years off, it’s so much fun and so special to be involved in other peoples’ big days, even if it is just through painting shoes.

20150520_070703The Happily Ever After style of wedding TOMS in my Etsy shop is what I wore for our wedding and I got to do the same style last week. It was so much fun to do and it’s so special how no matter what, each pair ends up a little different and unique in its own beautiful way.

20150526_101205They were also my “something blue” for our wedding day and I wore them around Disney World on our honeymoon as well 🙂 I love being able to create unique, boutique-style pieces and share them through my Etsy shop. It truly is special to create orders for each bride and I feel so lucky that others like my products enough that I’m able to do this!

And now my TOMS are beautifully preserved in a shadow box in my vanity area… pictures to follow!


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