Our Little Roscoe

I can’t believe that we’ve now had our little Roscoe for going on 4 months. It’s hard to remember what things were like before him just because he has added so many laughs, smiles, cuddles, and fun memories to our life. We truly won the lottery with this one.

Roscoe`  Roscoe3

It’s so hard to believe that the dog in these pictures is the same one we have now. You can definitely see Roscoe in him but it’s not the same dog that has taken over our bed and couch. It’s amazing how much adoption and a loving family can change an animal.

IMG_20150505_201852 IMG_20150528_102601Roscoe truly loves life and it’s so special that we were able to give this life to him. He’s constantly on the hunt for lizards and squirrels outside (but mostly lizards… he’s accidentally killed two now) and is just such a fun, affectionate dog. He’s only gotten more loving and more goofy since we got him and he’s gotten to go on so many adventures with us already!

IMG_20150425_071953Roscoe’s first roadtrip, up to North Carolina for the weekend with us! (Because he goes everywhere we do… the little guy is CLINGY and we love him for it!)

20150503_162948 20150503_163025

Roscoe’s first beach trip! He was not a fan of the water (it scared him) but he sure had fun taking in all the sights and smells and enjoyed having the wind blowing in his face!

20150503_163044And while I’m working on classes, he always likes to be my buddy either on the couch with me or in his new fancy bed (which turned out to be the absolute perfect size for him!)

IMG_20150504_220323 IMG_20150502_152724 IMG_20150514_073604 IMG_20150601_085159 Sometimes he gets pretty antsy for me to be done though, but he has the “let’s go do something!” look down pretty well I think.

IMG_20150524_205051And he ALWAYS has to be a part of whatever we’re doing in the kitchen… he’s found out that that’s where his humans keep the GOOD food 😉

IMG_20150415_101335 IMG_20150511_104947

I still can’t believe this dog is ours. He wasn’t what we thought we were looking for but he’s more perfect than anything we thought we wanted. I’m so excited to spend the next many years with him and have him be a part of our Navy and college adventures because he sure does make life a whole lot more fun! We love our Roscoe!


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