Home Projects: Coming Soon

With the quarter ending, I’ve been busy planning and creating lists of the projects I want to get started on this summer. Even with summer classes, with P’s busy schedule I’m guessing I will have lots of time for projects and I want to take advantage of that. We have around 5-6 months before our next move (gotta love nuke schooling) but the way I see it, doing projects now means they’ll be done when we get to our new home in 5-6 months. And since I’ll be returning to school in person, I won’t be home as much to work on them. So better do all the Pinterest projects now so I can come home and study psychology in a magazine-worthy home 😉

I’ve been working on projects for our bedroom a lot (which is funny considering it’s the room in our house that looks the most done… but I just keep finding more romantic decorating ideas that I want to do!) One picture I had really wanted from our wedding/engagement was one of those cutesy “tying the knot” photos with twine. It never happened, but I was able to recreate it this week with my own camera and Lightroom, and I’m pretty proud of how it turned out. I’ll be getting it printed on canvas to hang over our better, over the rustic vintage his and hers signs that one of my best friends got us for our wedding.

DSC_0530-6watermark_resizedWe also ordered a pillow through Shutterfly with one of our favorite wedding pictures on it. It’s the first piece that incorporates our new accent colors into our bedroom (black and pale pink… we found a picture of a master bedroom with browns, blacks, and a few pale pink accents and both fell in love with it!) and I’m looking forward to adding more pillows to our bed to make it look more finished and to add a bit more color to the space. Right now, everything is varying shades of creams and brown… although that can be said for most of our apartment.

20150619_130001-1_resizedI LOVE Shutterfly’s Mr & Mrs pattern. It’s so classy.

My summer project list is getting so long! Here’s just a small glimpse of it… thank goodness I have half of August and almost all of September off to really devote to projects between summer and fall quarter!

  • Paint our new hutch (We came across a free china hutch this past week and P humored me on it. Turns out it doesn’t need that much work! It will be a chalk paint project and will either hold our fine china and vases or be craft storage until we move. I haven’t been able to get any good pictures of the hutch yet but will be sure to share them throughout the project!)
  • Make more pillows for our bed and couch
  • Create a gallery wall over our couch
  • Decorate Roscoe’s toy and food area
  • Finish our entryway
  • Redo a coffee table

I’m sure my list will get longer as the summer progresses. I simply love crafting and DIYs!

Have a great weekend!


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