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My Planner | Week 25 & 26

Finally, more completed weeks from my planner! I traveled home last week (more posts and pictures coming on that soon!) and summer quarter started for me on Wednesday so it’s been a busy past two weeks. I finally sat down this morning and finished decorating these weeks… even though they’re past, I LOVE having a pretty, organized planner!

My new favorite thing to do is to actually use my planner like a journal by writing down any fun, special things I do each day and even sometimes things as small as what P and I watch on TV on a given night. I’ve failed at actually journaling so many times (same with scrapbooking… oops) and this is a nice, easy way to have something to look back on. Especially during times when I travel since trips quickly turn into a blur of activities. I’m already really enjoying looking back on past weeks and it also makes the time spent decorating totally worth it! Plus if I ever do get around to scrapbooking everything with my Project Life system, it sure will make it easy to remember the sequence of things.

20150703_103428 20150703_103451

I’m still loving the Happy Planner and all its stickers. I’m so excited about July because it’s LIGHT PINK (one of my favorite colors.) It’s so nice using the actual pages of the planner now instead of my makeshift month of June. I’m excited to share pictures of it in the next weeks but for now, here’s some previews of July in my Happy Planner. It’s just such a happy, positive planner!

20150703_103521 20150703_103538

Do you have a favorite planner you use? I’d love to hear about it!


7 thoughts on “My Planner | Week 25 & 26

    1. Thank you! Mine has really helped me keep track of everything between myself, school, my husband, and taking care of the apartment! I can’t imagine not using one now!

    1. I’ve found the vertical definitely helps me organize my day mentally more but I run out of space some days, even after investing in nice finepoint pens so I can write small. Once I’m out of school though I bet I’ll need a horizontal planner since my days will all be filled with appointments! I hope you’re loving your planner!

      1. Did you get the regular or rose gold coil? I loved the look of the rose gold, almost enough to splurge on one over the Happy Planner!

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