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Peach Picking

Boone Hall Plantation is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Charleston (Middleton Place still has my heart as the most beautiful place!) and they have an operating farm and market that offers many U-Pick crops. My mom and I heard about their peach picking around the 4th of July when she came down to visit in April and since then, P and I have been looking forward to it. What a unique and special experience for our first and only 4th of July here!

DSC_0041sP was lucky enough to get Friday off as well this year so we decided to go then in hopes of avoiding some 4th of July crowds (which totally worked, by the way!) Yet again we were lucky with his schedule so hopefully that luck continues with his orders later this year!

They have a really nice set up for U-Pick at Boone Hall with cute baskets for the fruit and everything. Peaches were only $0.99/lb. so we ended up with probably more than we needed, but I’m sure we’ll find some good recipes for them 🙂 We’ve already started working on some peach sorbet made with the ice cream maker attachment for KitchenAid mixers and if it turns out well, there will be lots more sorbet in the future. I’m also considering peach pie or peach crisp (aka cobbler but with my mom’s topping. She uses yellow cake mix and butter instead of oatmeal and it is soooooo much better.)

Also the weather cooled off for us a bit! It’s still really hot and humid, but at least it’s not in the high 90s anymore most days. It was still too hot for this Washingtonian but it at least it made picking peaches in an orchard a little more bearable!

DSC_0039s s DSC_0017-7s DSC_0030-2s DSC_0032-2s

The peaches are sooooo good! We might even need to go back… if we run out, that is 😉

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!


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