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Another Sunrise

Roscoe is still greatly enjoying his sunrise beach adventures with me. He’s gotten to the point where he can tell when we’re getting close to the beach which is so cute. He doesn’t get overly excited yet, but he clearly can tell that something exciting is about to happen.

I’m enjoying my trips with him so much. I love having him because even though I keep to myself when I’m out and about, his company is so nice and it gives me a reason to go to the beach and not go alone. Plus he never complains about how many times I stop to take pictures or pick up shells… definitely an added bonus 😉

My shell jar is starting to come together too! I’ll be sharing pictures of it when I share our living room on the blog, hopefully at the end of this month/by the middle of August. It’s much closer to done than it was at the end of June, but I still have some pretty big projects I need to do before it’s photograph worthy. I really want to document it in its perfect, completed state so that we have wonderful pictures to look back on of the living room in our first home since it’s by far where we spend the most time together. When it comes time to share, it will probably take a week’s worth of posts because knowing me, I’ll want to share how I did everything and made it look so good and designed on a budget. I’m pretty proud of it if you can’t tell 🙂 Hopefully it will be inspiration to other young wives or young renters out there!


It’s no big secret that I’m really not a fan of the Navy and I’m glad that P will not be reenlisting. But experiences like these make me thankful for this part of my life… never did I think I would be living 30-40 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean and be able to go there whenever I want! It’s nice knowing that no matter where P gets orders to this fall/winter that we’ll be by a beach of some sort. I’m really starting to enjoy going to the beach to walk and just enjoy time.


Also, proud mommy moment at the beach this week! ROSCOE GOT SO CLOSE TO THE WATER! He stayed there for a long time sniffing it and then even waded a bit. Granted it wasn’t moving but considering our dog tries to even avoid puddles after a rainstorm at all costs, I’d say this is progress! He almost made the mistake of going into really deep water in one of these beach puddles but caught himself before he did… now THAT would have been a traumatic experience for him!


And last but not least, P surprised me with these beautiful, very summery roses! I’m excited to enjoy them in our living room this weekend. TGIF!

I hope everyone has fun weekend plans ahead! We definitely do, and I can’t wait to share pictures of all we do next week!


3 thoughts on “Another Sunrise

  1. I’m so happy you found my blog! So cute… And your name is Elizabeth Banks?! I love you already. 😉 she’s one of my fav actresses. These sunset photos are stunning, girl!!!

    1. Thank you! You are so sweet 🙂 I appreciate it so much as I am just embarking on turning my photography into a business while I go through school!

      And yes, my married name is Banks 🙂 I love her too so it’s funny haha. I’m so glad I found your blog and you found mine as well! I was just reading all about your wedding and it was a beautiful, beautiful day 🙂

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