5 Months with Roscoe

I so missed blogging the past few days… so, surprise Saturday post! My 6-credit biology class for summer quarter is proving to be VERY time consuming. A 6-credit class in a normal quarter would still be pretty busy but shorten that quarter toΒ 6 weeks? Yeah, it can get pretty rough. I have my second test this next week and then things pick back up with two more tests before the quarter ends on August 13th. But at least now I’m halfway done with all the readings and that counts for something, right?

This past Wednesday marked 5 months with our little Roscoe! I can’t believe he’s been a part of our life for 5 months already and will be supposedly turning 4 in September. We don’t know when his birthday is but when he was surrendered to the shelter in September, they put 3 on all his papers. So we’re going with September 15th for his birthday and February 15th for his adoptiversary. The little guy is going to be spoiled! It’s kind of fun having a rough idea of when he was born though. Mittens was born at the shelter on Valentine’s Day so we knew her birthday from the day my parents applied to adopt her but Ginger is a complete mystery to us. She was anywhere between 1.5 and 3 years old when we got her which makes her between 7 and 8 (!!!) now, but we’ve always gone with June 17th, the day we brought her home, as her “birthday” since there was never anything else to go off of.

20150711_193702 20150713_075420 20150714_114022

The little guy continues to develop more and more character the longer we’ve had him! He misses P a lot now that he’s gone all day almost every day and has really bonded with me because of it. He always is right by me or at least has me in his sight whenever I’m doing anything, whether it be school, crafting, or blogging (he’s right behind my chair right now!)

20150714_093812 20150714_091702 20150703_161327

He’s just such the perfect dog and every month makes it more and more apparent that he was truly meant to find us to be his forever home. We were meant to be his owners. Especially for me, he’s like the perfect blend of Mittens and Ginger with his own bit of Roscoe spunk thrown into the mix which has helped immensely with the transition of really enjoying living here even though it is so far away from home. He was at the “shelter” for 6 months before we adopted him… I put “shelter” in quotes because the place he was at was actually a boarding facility where people didn’t come through daily to look at dogs to potentially adopt. The only way to find him would have been online, which was how we found our little angel. Had he been at an actual shelter, I’m sure he would have been adopted within a matter of days. It truly makes me think that God wanted us to have him as our dog and that Roscoe was meant to be with us. Too many things had to line up perfectly for him to end up with us, including him being surrendered by his previous owner just days after we got engaged last summer.

And, just as a photo comparison, he really IS a blend of Mittens and Ginger! I still swear there’s some corgi in there too though πŸ˜‰


I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I’m hoping to get back to my regular posts on Monday πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “5 Months with Roscoe

  1. I love little Roscoe. He does look like a blend of Mittens and Ginger! And he must be part corgi cause Yoshi HATES water. Even if he gets rained on he comes inside and puts his front half on the ground and uses his back feet to propel himself around on the carpet trying to get dry. It’s mostly cute, unless we just bathed him…

    1. That sounds so much like Roscoe! Whenever we give him a bath he’ll run around our apartment rolling on the carpet and trying to lick water off himself to get dry! Next time he gets a bath I think I’ll have to record it πŸ™‚ We took him to the beach yesterday and worked on getting him to go in the shallow puddles on the beach because it’s so HOT here right now that the poor guy needs some way to cool off! Maybe he’ll be a beach dog someday πŸ˜‰ From pictures and videos that I’ve seen of corgis, he has a lot of the quirkiness of them in him… and we love it!

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