Beach Dog | Our Little Roscoe

RoscoeI’ve mentioned before that Roscoe does NOT like water. He tends to avoid puddles, rain, baths… even if I’m combing my wet hair and some droplets fall on him he kind of starts to look freaked. We love him for it but with how hot it’s been in South Carolina lately, especially with how much hair he has, if he can learn to enjoy water it would be really good. And if not, well we won’t be here forever and we’ll love him for it šŸ™‚

I made some progress with him on our last beach trip but I thought maybe bringing P with us might help Roscoe become even more comfortable with water. I’ve said this so many times but he’s a VERY clingy dog and constantly wants his mommy and daddy’s love/praise/approval. There were many things that were unfamiliar to him when he came here – mainly toys – but with lots of praise and encouragement he has become such a spunky, playful dog that no longer thinks he’s in trouble if we look at him while he’s playing with one of his toys.

Long story short, our beach trip was a success! He loved running all over the beach with P and even went in standing water multiple times (which of course was followed by lots of praise and pets… he was eating up all the attention!) Towards the end, he even went in the water a few times himself. It was so great to see him enjoying the wind and water because he hasn’t gotten to be outside for extended periods of time much because it’s just been too hot. Maybe now with this water solution we’ll be able to go to the beach during the day more, meaning more outside time for the little guy!

DSC_0145 DSC_0147-2 DSC_0153-2 DSC_0156-2

He only had ONE major freakout… and that was when he decided to keep wading into water and it got almost as deep as his legs! Commence backing up and Freakout Face, shown below!DSC_0124-3

Poor little guy šŸ˜¦ He got lots of pets after that one and then stuck to the shallow water the rest of the time. Aside from that one misstep, he totally enjoyed himself!

DSC_0127-2 DSC_0084-2

I’m excited for our next daytime beach adventure now! It’s been a long time since we took him to the beach during the day but as long as he’ll wade some and he gets his little portable doggy water bowl, it’ll be a perfect solution for the hot weather and P’s new schedule. It’s so weird how some dogs love the water and other dogs hate it!

I’m so thankful we found Roscoe. He’s such a great buddy and is quickly becoming my photography buddy on the days P works a lot. It will be nice once it cools off some so we can go even more places together, because the little guy sure loves going places with his mommy!


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