Home Wishes | Contemporary French Country Style

Lately I have been loving a modern, French country style of decor and furniture. It’s rustic infused with contemporary and reminds me of the lighter side of Pottery Barn which is, quite possibly, the only home decor store that P and I will agree on everything in. Too bad it’s just so dang expensive 😉

I’ve been working on adding more warm touches to our home in the past month and it has really started to come together! It is becoming a very light, comfortable, and modern space with French country touches. P has been very busy since starting prototype at the beginning of June so I’ve been doing the projects and research mostly on my own, showing him pictures and discussing ideas in the evenings, and after a month of working on it we are both incredibly happy with how things are looking! It’s kind of weird to be working on so many projects when we’ll just be moving in 4 months. But it will be really nice to have most things all ready to go when we get to our next home, especially since I’ll be going back to school in person and won’t have nearly as much time to work on setting things up and decorating.

While working on projects, I’ve seen so many things I want to add to our home someday! So here’s a list of the top 3 home wishes I have for our someday home 🙂 Hopefully it will bring others inspiration as well! Also, all the pictures link to the items in case you see something your home needs too!


IKEA EKTORP Sofa in Blekinge White

I have loved white sofas for awhile now and have wanted one for the longest time. After getting a creamy beige slipcover for our current sofa, I think P’s sold on the idea too. It’s ridiculously clean, modern, classy, sophisticated and everything else we love in decor. A white sofa isn’t super practical but since we’ll only have a dog (and eventually a cat) for many more years, now would be the time to embrace the white sofa! I love that it’s slipcovered too so you can completely wash the whole cover. There’s a matching loveseat and armchair too, so it would be a nice collection to start once we move and add more seating pieces to over the years… if one piece starts looking old, just get a new slipcover! It’s very similar to a Pottery Barn sofa but for the price, we could get a new slipcover every year for 60 years and still spend less on the IKEA version! Lol!


Can I just say I LOVE the whole KEJSARKRONA line IKEA has right now?! I’m so sad it’s limited edition… I wanted to think about getting more when my dad and I went to IKEA over my trip home and the longer it’s been, the more the collection has grown on me (and P) but unfortunately the pieces we want are not available online and the nearest IKEA stores are 3 and 5+ hours away from us. But I’ve been talking with my wonderful parents (hi mommy and daddy!) and I’m hoping they can go pick some more pieces up for us sometime 😉 All of the pillows/cushions are so beautiful. I’d love to fill up our EKTORP sofas with them sometime. They’d make great accent pillows in our bedroom as well.


  IKEA ARV Place Settings

This post is quickly becoming a list of things I love from IKEA… seems about right though, since it is my favorite home store and has been since I was young! We already have a full everyday place setting and have started a fine china collection from Kate Spade’s Lenox line but I’d love to get a small, second everyday dinnerware set that’s something other than white. I love this warm, medium grey and it’s a favorite of P’s too. Also, the goblets pictured would make AMAZING water glasses to go with the set and the white pitcher is such a lovely touch too. It’s the perfect summer dining set and we could totally use the gorgeous ceramic pitcher we got as a wedding gift to complete it. The simplicity and elegance of it is perfect.

I’m excited to share pictures of how our apartment has come together in a home tour post coming hopefully within a month from now! Our hutch should be done within a week (it will get it’s own post though!) and other than that there are only a few more organizational projects! I’m getting really excited to see it finally all come together 🙂

Does anyone else have a home decorating style similar to ours? I’d love to see pictures for inspiration!


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