Crazy “Weekend”

These past few days have been so crazy for us. I’m so exhausted that I think I need more days off just to finally be able to relax together.

First off, P is now on rotating 12-hour shifts. The schedule he is on does not give him true weekends off and between most of the shift changes he gets “2 days off.” I put that in quotes because really, between all but two of the schedules it’s more like 36 hours… definitely not a full 2 days… but I guess that’s to be expected with the Navy.

Sunday was his first Sunday working since he got here last April. Sunday was also the first time I got to visit an emergency veterinary clinic. While I drove P into work and ran a couple errands on the way home, Roscoe somehow found his way onto our kitchen counter and into a bag of semisweet chocolate. I rushed him to the clinic as soon as I got home and saw the bag of chocolate on the floor and luckily, he’s going to be okay. He ended up staying a full 24 hours at the vet to make sure he would definitely be okay and there was lots of waiting and worrying and it was terrible having him at the clinic overnight. We are so so so incredibly glad he’s okay though. Weekend emergency clinics are definitely sad (and expensive) places to be, but our little Roscoe deserved to be taken care of in the best hands possible. He truly is my/our baby and not knowing how he was doing for those few hours were some of the most terrifying hours of my life.

He came home with me on Monday and was groggy through the evening and picking P up but we are very glad to say that he is now almost back to 100% normal. He’s on a bland diet through this week and we’ve been spoiling him as much as we can with that (canned sensitive diet food + rice + moist chicken breast + scrambled eggs = one happy Roscoe!) and going forward my week will consist of finding better ways to puppy proof our home and kitchen. We never leave any sort of food out anywhere where he might be able to get to it but he still found a way and that’s pretty scary. At a minimum, chocolate and other foods toxic to dogs that are not kept in the refrigerator will likely be kept in glass jars from now on as will cleaning supplies, although he’s shown no interest in those aside from eagerly finding crumbs on the floor when I wipe down the counters.

Roscoe is our baby and we do everything in our power to take care of him and make sure he lives a good, happy, healthy, safe life with us and it’s so heartbreaking that this time that wasn’t enough. We are SO happy and blessed that he’s going to be okay. We (or at least I!) are going to become those neurotic dog parents now that over puppy-proof the house I have a feeling. Roscoe is the most important thing in our life together and we want to do everything we can to make sure this won’t happen again.

Leaving the clinic with his mommy
Leaving the clinic with his mommy
Back to his usual self :)
Back to his usual self 🙂

I hope everyone else had much more relaxing weekends than ours! Hold your furbabies close tonight and take all pet warnings seriously, even when you’re already super careful like we were. And give your puppies lots of love going into the rest of this week!


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