Couch Makeover

When P and I first moved into our apartment, we did not have a sofa nor did we want to spend several hundred dollars on one… but at the same time, we really needed one. Only we didn’t have a truck or access to one so going and picking up a discount sofa somewhere was also out of the question. So when a $30 sofa popped up on Craigslist at our apartment complex, you better believe we jumped on it!

11357185_599906410112290_8085030558909627710_oThe sofa is REALLY old but super comfy. At first we were just happy to have a sofa and didn’t care much about the look, but pretty soon it started to grow super dated to us. It just was not cutting it style-wise anymore but we still weren’t ready to invest in a nice sofa (since we both like the IKEA Ektorp style and again, we have no way of picking up a sofa and IKEA is super expensive to have delivered) and we’d grown attached to the ugly green one as “our first sofa.” This was in late March and I started looking for solutions, even though nothing came to me at first.

It was late May when I came across this slipcover set from Sure Fit sold through Target.com. The color was great (we wanted white, but since we don’t have in unit laundry here we decided to wait on that), the price was perfect, and in June we clicked “buy” and our new slipcover showed up several days later!

The set did not come with back pillow covers (it’s designed for a sofa with a one piece foam back, I think) but we found matching pillows for the set from Macy’s, only when they showed up they were MUCH smaller than I was originally picturing. We used them as back pillows for awhile (they are now accent pillows) but it just wasn’t as comfy. In late June we decided that I should sew pillow covers for the original back pillows, which I just finished this weekend!

DSC_0008My mom definitely helped me out when it came to sewing the covers, even 3000 miles away. Boy do I love technology! She’s also responsible for finding this amazing envelope pillowcase tutorial, which I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to cover pillows! It’s super easy and even kind of therapeutic!

And now, our couch is finally DONE! Just in time to move in several months too… lol!

DSC_0024 DSC_0022DSC_0018DSC_0016

I’m so proud of how this came together! It’s definitely the project I’m most proud of to date… although I think the hutch will win out when it’s done. I can’t wait to see how this sofa set up looks in our next home too!


8 thoughts on “Couch Makeover

    1. Thank you! And we have not… since these are his first orders since graduating from school we will likely find out late October/early November and then be moving in mid to late November :/

    1. Ohhhhh yes! We both miss our families so much. I especially would love to live in Bremerton with a 2 hour drive to my parents vs. having to have them fly for over 8 hours to visit. Unfortunately Virginia is most likely though, simply because there are more ships there. We’ve been praying lots!

    1. Thank you! I’m so happy with how it turned out! I can’t wait to decorate the rest of our apartment more… just in time to move this November/December! Lol!

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