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Our Refinished Hutch


Our hutch is FINALLY done!!! I am so in love with it and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. After $50 and 20 hours of hard work, it has seriously changed the feel of our apartment and the look we want for our next place when we move in a few months!

We found our hutch curbside, so the piece itself was free! I love Pinterest and my wife redecorating groups on Facebook and after seeing so many chalkpaint projects (and finally having a home to decorate!) I kept bugging P about finding us a piece that I could refinish. Even though it was huge, this hutch seemed perfect… after all, it was free so if I messed it up, it would be okay! A great first project if you ask me 😉

The hutch itself was in good shape but I could see why it was trashed. One of the glass panes had broken and it was missing the shelves. Luckily it was the middle glass pane so we could work with it (and I kind of really like the open look, even though P wants to add glass to it after we move) and P was able to figure out a way to make some nice, solid-wood shelves that turned out pretty great.


Painting the bottom of the hutch was EASY. It took one jar of chalkpaint (FolkArt Castle, for those of you wondering) and 2 hours to clean and then paint the entire bottom. Not bad, if you ask me! We had to paint it inside our apartment due to the humidity outside which definitely gave me motivation to get it done since it was taking up most of our living room. But those towels P had kept from boot camp were finally put to good use as drop cloths that kept our carpet nice and paint-free!


(And we did laundry the day I started painting, just to add to the clutter!)20150719_192643

The top of the hutch was a serious pain to paint though. Reason #1 that I will probably never refinish a hutch again and hope and pray that the movers don’t mess up the white paint. It. Took. FOREVER. I’m pretty sure it took at least 5 coats of white paint to cover the darker wood. In the future, if we even paint with white, we will definitely be looking into chalk paint alternatives or primers that might cut down the painting time. Because painting around everything in the top part of the hutch that would not come out was not fun. I didn’t even get any pictures of painting the top part of the hutch because it was such a pain and I didn’t want to stop until it was done.

We purchased new hardware from Lowe’s for the hutch as well. The style we liked was only available in aged bronze, so we’ll see how it looks over the years as color comes through. Both of us were wanting a darker look but for now, the hardware we got is perfect! So perfect I even took some closeups of it when I photographed the finished product 🙂

DSC_0055-2 DSC_0056 DSC_0058 DSC_0059 DSC_0060 DSC_0061 DSC_0054-3

I seriously couldn’t be happier with it! I do think it will look better with glass in the doors after we move, but we’ll just have to wait and see! It added some much needed style and storage to our apartment, that’s for sure! I definitely want to design our next breakfast nook or dining room around it! I still can’t believe how great it turned out. Those 20+ hours were worth it!


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