Starting Out | Married at 20

It’s been a tiring week. I had a special blog post planned for today (kitchen tour!) but it is going to have to wait until next week so I can rest up for my busy weekend ahead!

I’ve been thinking about this blog post for a long time, trying to find a good way to put it into words. I’ve always been a forward-thinking perfectionist, focusing on the future more than the present and where I want to be more than where I am at. Everyone tells me I need to slow down and live in the moment more and I think they’re half right. A certain level of happiness does come from focusing on the present, that is for sure, but a certain amount of achievement and success comes with being able to focus on the future and what you want it to look like, shaping your present around it.

The other day, I was looking around our apartment and it hit me how far we’ve come in the past 8 months, our first 8 months of marriage. Our apartment really is starting to look and feel put together and nice, not at all like the cheap and sparsely furnished apartment we came into 8 months ago. It really makes me happy and proud, seeing how it is right now even though it is far from the end result of what I want our home to look like. We’re even getting to the point where we’re starting to replace some of the cheap Walmart furniture we bought in January, even though so far we’ve mostly swapped it out with affordable, high-quality DIY projects I’ve done. The moment really struck me because it is so so rare for me to step back and be happy with the progress of something so early on. Maybe I’m finally starting to learn to live more in the present (although I highly doubt that ;).)

Starting out when you get married young is challenging. It was challenging for me to let go of my “life plan” which included me not getting married till age 27-30 and both being firmly established in a high-paying career. Had everything gone “according to plan,” then my first house with my husband probably would have been what I always pictured in my head. But the cool thing is, that day is still coming. Someday P will be out of the Navy, I’ll have my Ph.D, we’ll have a house back in Washington, both of us will be working, and we will have gotten all these years leading up to that moment together and married as well. It’s crazy and exciting to think about! Almost 10 years of additional adventures, all leading up to that “dream home” moment.

With all that being said, I wanted to reflect on some of the favorite things I’ve done for our apartment at this point that have really brought us to this place where it really is starting to feel like a home… and a really nice home at that! 🙂

Couch Makeover


Our Refinished Hutch


DIY Boxwood Monogram Wreath


And soon I’ll have our dressers and nightstands to add to this list! I cannot WAIT to finish those and share with you guys!

Have a happy and safe Labor Day Weekend!


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