Roscoe’s Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Roscoe’s 4th birthday! We don’t know his actual birthday and never will due to his shelter background, but that’s okay. We decided that his birthday would be September 15th for a number of reasons. His first vet records that we have from the shelter were dated September 17th, 2014 and he was listed on around that time from what I could tell, so around this time last year was when his old owner surrendered him for reasons unknown to us. It’s weird (and sad) to think about what our little guy was going through a year ago right now especially with how clingy he is towards people, so we wanted to make this time of year a happy time instead. His vet records said he was 3 then, so we’re saying he’s 4 now.

Also, we got him from the shelter on February 15th, one day after Mittens’ birthday, and it seems right that Mittens will always have that time in February to herself. She was a very special dog and we all miss her. It just seems right that February 15th is Roscoe’s adoptiversary and September 15th is his birthday. Especially since Mittens was the dog that made me love collies in the first place… she definitely had some influence when it came to getting Roscoe, that’s for sure 🙂

P had to work yesterday, as usual, but we still managed to squeeze some special time for Roscoe into the evening. I made him a cake during the day (yep, I’m that doggy parent… no shame) using the recipe I found here and it turned out so good! Made our whole apartment smell like peanut butter which got gross after awhile, but I think Roscoe enjoyed it!

DSC_0156-2 DSC_0161-2 DSC_0163-2

Eagerly waiting for his daddy to let go of him
Eagerly waiting for his daddy to let go of him

DSC_0175-2 DSC_0184 DSC_0187-2 DSC_0193 DSC_0207-2 DSC_0217-2

It was sooooo hard to get good pictures of him because he was chowing down so fast and our apartment has the worst lighting at night, but he really enjoyed himself! We were laughing the whole time at how much fun he was having!

After cake, he got his birthday present from me… a giraffe, of course 🙂

DSC_0247-2 DSC_0252 DSC_0254 DSC_0255-2

We love our little Roscoe ❤ here’s to many more birthdays and happy memories!


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