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5 Reasons To Have Dogs

It’s no secret that I love Roscoe (and dogs in general.) Some people are cat people, some are kid people, and some people are dog people. I definitely fall into that last group 😉

Growing up around dogs, I already knew and had lived with many of the benefits of having a furry, barking friend around for my entire life. Since getting Roscoe, I’ve learned even more about how wonderful dogs are. Living around dogs vs. being an owner/co-owner of a dog are two very different things and even though the latter is a lot more work, it’s also so very worth it.


  1. When you’re the dog’s main caretaker, they really end up looking up to you. That unconditional doggy love is so real but when you’re also the person that feeds them, walks them, and pets them most of the time, there’s an even more special connection there. You become the most important thing in their life and you can’t help but feel good about the life and joy you’ve given them as their owner. The look Roscoe gives me when I get up for the day is priceless.
  2. When they look up to you that much, it guilts you into treating them even better. I find this to be a very good thing, especially as an online student. Even on tired or “off” days that just don’t feel quite right, Roscoe encourages me to go outside, take him for a walk, spend some time playing with him, etc. because of how excited he gets about doing all of those things with me. Prolonged laziness or simply not getting out is the number one thing that can start to put me in a funk. And seeing a joyful, happy puppy, well, you can’t help but start to be even happier yourself! Your dog is happier, you’re happier, everyone wins!
  3. You’re never alone. Living with the military, this one really hits home for me. Since June, my husband has been working 12+ hour days and since the end of July, those 12+ hours have been on rotating shifts with 1-2 days off every 7 days. It’s rough, but Roscoe makes it so I’m not alone. I think he greatly appreciates having me home most of the day almost every day too… the little guy is clingy! Again, everyone wins!
  4. Dogs reduce stress. This is huge for being in college as well as dealing with the military (although honestly, college wins out on the “most stressful” award most of the time. LOL!) Being around dogs reduce stress, petting dogs reduces stress, even watching cute dogs reduces stress. In this day and age, you really can’t go wrong with having less stress!
  5. They add so much fun to your life. Sure, sitting in the emergency room for 3+ hours waiting to find out if your dog is going to be okay after eating a ton of chocolate isn’t fun, but things like that don’t happen the majority of the time. Having a buddy that’s always ready to go somewhere with you, be your photography buddy, or check out a new hiking trail or beach has added so much to my life and Roscoe’s too. We’ve gotten out and seen so much more because of him and all of those adventures are going to be some of our best memories of South Carolina! Cats are great too, but let’s face it: it’s way harder to put a cat on a leash and go exploring than it is with a dog!

What are your favorite parts about having a dog in your life or being a dog parent?


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Have Dogs

  1. I love this post! I am the primary caretaker of our chihuahua. He is just a happy, fun, dog! I love him so much, like he is our child. The funny thing is he follows my husband everywhere and listens only to him, even though I spend most of the time with our chi. My husband says because I give him too much love and i’m clingy lol. I also feel less lonely with our dog around, when my husband has duty. 🙂

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