This past week has been super busy and stressful (hence the lack of blog posts!) but things are finally feeling like they’re starting to get back under control even with the anticipation of waiting for P’s orders.

With the week behind us, I’m finally able to sit down and reflect on how it really wasn’t a bad week. I got back into making more “me” time for myself which made the latter part of the week super fun albeit a lot busier. But it was worth it!

There are so many things that happened this past week, even on the rough days, that made me feel incredibly lucky and blessed and made me look forward for the coming weeks. Here’s just a short list:


  • One of my classes this quarter has no proctored tests (all exams are essays) and the other has no proctored tests in the 4-6 week window we’ll be moving and getting settled. How did I luck out with that?! Not having to worry about finding a proctor potentially while driving cross country in the middle of the US is a huge relief!
  • After taking a biology class over the summer, the readings for my classes are super easy. I’m understanding them and flying through them which means more “me” time!
  • My best friend Emily is seriously the best ever. She sent me the most awesome care package, which you can see here.
  • My photography has taken off here faster than I ever anticipated. I have 5 sessions booked between October 10th and November 10th and my dad is coming for a whole week which I left completely free of bookings. Busy busy busy!
  • I’ve been missing Mittens and Ginger too, but especially Mittens. However every day it amazes me how perfectly Roscoe blends the best of those two dogs together. We were meant to be his owners/parents. He was meant to be my buddy!
  • We’re making the most of our time left in South Carolina and have some super fun day trips planned in the coming weeks. Which also means more photography!
  • Even though things are busier now with my classes, I still had the time last night to make a new camera strap for my camera to use this weekend. Yay! It’s glittery and mint!12038290_641060982663499_2114857668478559288_n (1)

I hope everyone has a good weekend! Hopefully I’ll have some fun adventures to talk about on Monday 🙂


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