Hello October

20150926_102149September is finally over and October is here! I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for an October before. A lot of that is because this September was so stressful and it already feels like it’s going to be a better month. I even got enough sleep last night so things are off to a really good start! Plus it means it’s finally time for Roscoe to wear his adorable pumpkin costume that my parents sent him… precious, isn’t it?!

Last night Katelyn and I relaxed, talked, and started watching Christmas movies since who knows where we’ll both be for Christmas this year. It’s crazy to think that in 2 – 3 weeks we will both likely know where we’re going next and that it will likely be two entirely different places. We made a lot of plans for this month so we can see and do as much as possible in the Charleston area before we both leave. That alone is going to make October an exciting month!

Super relaxing picture from last night ♥
Super relaxing picture from last night ♥

I’m so excited for October! There is so much good coming up this month:

  • My birthday (and parents’ 25th wedding anniversary! Same day too because my parents were just that lucky to have their first child born on their anniversary 😉 )
  • Hopefully not having to worry over where we’re going next anymore and hopefully finding out P is not going to Japan. I really don’t want to be living apart from him for 4 years, especially internationally!
  • So many fun plans with Katelyn and her husband before we part ways
  • My dad’s coming to visit for a week!
  • I have 4 photography sessions booked in October. All couples too, my favorite type of session!
  • I get to start on Christmas crafts and Christmas shopping since we won’t have time in November.
  • More fun day trips with P on his days off.
  • AND it’s not going to be in the 80s this weekend! Granted it will be pouring down rain, but talk about perfect weather!

Happy October, everyone!


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