South Carolina Adventures

Rain Days

Yesterday we found out that P has until Monday off, all because of the rain. Free 3 day weekend when he was supposed to be working 12+ hour shifts? I’ll take it!

Growing up in Washington, it’s weird how people in other places think of the rain. In Washington it’s almost never dangerous and when it is, it’s because there’s also some warming going on up in the mountains that’s causing all the snow to melt resulting in flooding. But flooding in Washington is different too. When I think of flooding, I think of rivers going all the way up their banks and spilling over roadways… not this “water puddling up and out of the swamp enough to make deep puddles on roadways” that we have here.

Granted, those deep puddles on roadways are also super dangerous. But it’s just weird to see things flooding without the strong river current that always accompanied them back in Washington. It’s weird that here, rain means schools are closed and some people get the day off work while back in Washington that is seldom the case. Since moving, I’ve also noticed that people’s idea of what rainy Washington is like is usually seriously wrong. We never get rain like this in Washington… yes, it definitely rains more days in Washington than it does in South Carolina, but the rain is usually just a sprinkle or a nice little shower.

So, what will we be doing on these rain days? Probably just staying put and enjoying time together and time with Roscoe. We already have our “puppy approved” evacuation plan just in case (since we found out hurricane shelters here don’t accept dogs… but no way are we leaving Roscoe in our apartment in the case of an evacuation.) I’ll be crafting. P will likely be playing Xbox or playing with Roscoe since he doesn’t get enough time with him these days. We’ll watch some movies. I’ll finish my schoolwork for the week. We’ll make the most of this and have fun! It isn’t every day that the Navy gives your husband a 4 day weekend followed by a 3 day weekend, even if the latter is for historic rainfall. I think this is one time I can say thank you Navy!

Yesterday when we found out P didn’t have to go in until Monday, we celebrated by going to Mellow Mushroom. It’s a pizza place here that is amazing. We got some of their pizza dough pretzels too and then went home to start Star Wars III. Roscoe was excited to see us, as always 🙂



I hope everyone stays safe and dry this weekend! And hopefully all our power stays on!


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