Navy Life

Virginia Is For Lovers

My husband and I found out a few weeks ago that we will be moving to Virginia upon his graduation from prototype. By now, we’ve gotten most of the important things set up for our upcoming move (all that’s really left is super organizing our apartment so the movers – and us – can actually see what we have when they do inventory) but it still feels pretty unreal. We both knew how unlikely it was that we would end up back in Washington simply because there are only two aircraft carriers there, compared to around 10 total in the fleet with at least 5 in Virginia alone, but it still feels unreal that we’re not moving back to Washington for good in the coming months. I didn’t feel like I expected us to end up back in Washington due to the statistics of it, but I guess I really did.

Our little family.
Our little family.

I’m glad we have each other and I’m glad we have Roscoe, because I know that he will make this move even easier on me. I’m excited to show him Virginia and go off exploring together while P is working, and hopefully go on some family trips all together too. I’m also excited to travel home to Washington more in 2016 because two times in 2015 just wasn’t enough! And I’m incredibly thankful that I was accepted as a transfer student before we found out we would be going to Virginia and that P shouldn’t be going anywhere for awhile at least. It will all make the transition much easier. As P and I keep saying, this is the best worst-case scenario!

There are lots of things I’m excited for about Virginia too. I’m excited to explore more of the history of the area since American history is my absolute favorite. I’m excited about being able to make trips up to DC pretty easily. I’m excited that they supposedly have a really cold winter coming up because after the insane heat in South Carolina this year, I’m ready for a break! I’m excited that my commute to school will likely be only an hour each way (with traffic) instead of the two hours each way (without traffic) that it would have been in Washington. And I’m excited that with grad school applications coming up in a couple years for me that I/we could end up back in Washington sooner than expected.

It makes me sad when I see other wives upset and down about where they’re moving too. Sure, we didn’t get what we wanted necessarily, but we’re going to make the most of it and make lots of new, fun memories and adventures. We’ll take advantage of being on the east coast a little bit longer and see even more than I ever thought I would see in my lifetime! This year alone I took around 15,000 pictures (so far), and I’m ready to take more than that next year as we continue exploring.

On a super happy note, here are some pictures of Roscoe in his Halloween costume! My parents sent him this pumpkin costume and he is ADORABLE in it! I also had to throw in one of Ginger, my dog back home, in her hot dog costume because as a spaniel dachshund mix, she was just too cute in it ♥

DSC_0008-2 DSC_0009-2 DSC_0013-2 DSC_0017-2

This is Ginger, picture courtesy of my mom. She and Roscoe do look a lot alike :)
This is Ginger, picture courtesy of my mom and dad. She and Roscoe do look a lot alike 🙂

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween! Happy Monday!


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