Virginia Adventures

Cape Henry Lighthouse and Fort Story

My mom recently made a trip to visit me (yay!) and even though I was in school for the duration of her visit, we were still able to see some pretty cool stuff! My uncle came for the first two days too as he and my mom had had a meeting up in D.C. before their drive town to Virginia. It was really great to see him too and get to show them both our new home!

On the first full day we had together, we headed to see the Cape Henry lighthouse on the Fort Story base. It’s the oldest lighthouse in the US and I believe the first construction project put into action by the United States Congress. Anyway, the lighthouse is really old, there is a newer one now built nearby the original stone one too, and the beaches at Fort Story are absolutely beautiful! Now it just needs to warm up so we can go visit them regularly. 🙂

PS. I am super scared of heights and tight spaces when they’re combined. So climbing up to the top of the lighthouse was quite an adventure for me, but I did it! I’m pretty proud of myself. Photography has made me conquer a lot of my fears, from hiking through a swampy forest in the middle of August in South Carolina (I hate snakes) to climbing lighthouses just for the good pictures. And it always ends up being fun!


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