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Hello Summer!

It has been altogether way too long since my last blog post. I have seriously missed blogging and am so excited that things are winding down a bit so I can make a plan and jump right back in!

Life has been super crazy lately. As of yesterday, I finished my first semester at my new school (and semester doesn’t sound as weird as it used to, thank goodness. It took me so long to stop calling them quarters like back in WA!) I really loved my classes and am definitely considering psychological research as another career option. I know I want to practice psychology on some level, but I’ve also started to think that I’d love to do research on anxiety disorders, especially in areas relating to cognition and treatment.

In addition to school, big things have been happening with photography for me and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve been booking lots of sessions here in Virginia but a huge highlight of these past few months for me has been becoming a second photographer for a local wedding photographer! She’s seriously the sweetest person ever and I feel so blessed for the opportunity to work with her. I’ve also been starting to get into film photography (just sent my first roll of film off last week!) and I’m already eagerly waiting for my next rolls to be delivered tomorrow so I can start working on filling them up.

I have so many goals for this summer in addition to doing my summer classes. I’ll have to do a whole summer goal post soon, maybe even tomorrow. 🙂 But until then, here’s a picture of Roscoe and me as he’s probably the happiest one out of all of us that I’m home more often now. The little guy is clingy!



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