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Jamestown and Williamsburg | Virginia Adventures

This past week, I was lucky enough to have the whole week off of school and to have my dad visit me! I knew we’d be doing a lot of photography-related things since my dad is also a photographer and especially since this was his first time visiting us here in Virginia. We ended up seeing and photographing a lot of cool things! I’m always thankful for the times my parents come to visit. Not only do I get to see them, but it also gives me someone to go see new things with since P’s work schedule often isn’t conducive to doing much sightseeing.

The first full day my dad was here, we headed up to Jamestown and Williamsburg with our cameras. Jamestown is still the coolest historic site I’ve ever been to I think. It’s an active archaeological site and they’re constantly making new discoveries and it’s basically the birthplace of our country. Our tour was especially fun because it was led by someone who was actually an archaeologist and had been around/involved in some of the major discoveries at the site. We also saw a lot of wildlife including two huge snakes, which I did not photograph as I’m 99% sure that snakes are the only creature on Earth that are a big nope for me 100% of the time!


Apparently they didn’t have a ‘J’, but this little tag is how the archeologists knew for sure that they had found Jamestown.

2016-05-17_00072016-05-17_00082016-05-17_00092016-05-17_0010After Jamestown, we headed to Williamsburg which I’m pretty sure is every photographer loves (although Charleston will always win the best city for photography award in my book.) If you love history, it’s also a must visit because they’ve done such a good job of making it really feel like a town from back before America was its own country. I still can’t believe it’s the college town for College of William and Mary… I’m pretty sure I would die if I got to go to school in such a beautiful, historic area! 2016-05-18_00012016-05-18_00022016-05-18_00032016-05-18_00042016-05-18_00052016-05-18_00062016-05-18_00072016-05-18_00082016-05-18_00092016-05-18_00102016-05-18_00112016-05-18_00122016-05-18_00132016-05-18_00142016-05-18_00152016-05-18_00162016-05-18_00172016-05-18_00182016-05-18_0019PS. Roscoe also loves my dad. Aside from P and me, we’re all sure that my dad is his next favorite person in the world. Roscoe loves his “gwampa” 🙂 He will definitely be a happy camper when we’re all back in Washington! 2016-05-18_0020


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