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The Virginia Zoo | Virginia Adventures

I love zoos, and the Virginia Zoo is quite possibly my favorite zoo. A lot of that is because their giraffe exhibit is AMAZING and giraffes are pretty much the best animals on Earth second only to Roscoe, but it’s a great zoo. It’s also very photographer-friendly as most of the exhibits are pretty open, so my dad and I had to go!

The zoo also just got cheetahs, which P and I had gone to see a few weeks before since they’re his absolute favorite animal. They’re such fun animals to see since not every zoo has them! But the two highlights of the Virginia Zoo will always be the red pandas and the giraffes for me… the red pandas are adorable, and they have a baby giraffe there that I just love to watch ♥2016-05-23_00132016-05-23_00142016-05-23_00162016-05-23_00172016-05-23_00182016-05-23_00192016-05-23_00202016-05-23_00212016-05-23_00222016-05-23_00232016-05-23_00242016-05-23_00252016-05-23_00262016-05-23_00272016-05-23_00282016-05-23_0029

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