Virginia Adventures

Fort Monroe and Cape Henry Lighthouse | Virginia Adventures

On my dad’s last full day in Virginia, we headed out to Fort Monroe in the morning. We had seen signs for it on the way to Jamestown/Yorktown/Williamsburg, so my dad did some research and it looked like it would actually be a pretty cool place to visit. It really was! From being a place that General Lee served to being where the President of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, was kept after the Civil War ended, the fort was very rich in history, not to mention absolutely beautiful. The little town surrounding it was picturesque as well!2016-05-25_00012016-05-25_00022016-05-25_00032016-05-25_0004

The uniform on the right is a Girl Scout uniform from the brief period of time that they had a sailor program… pretty cool!

2016-05-25_00062016-05-25_00072016-05-25_0008In the afternoon, my dad and I headed out to Fort Story to see the Cape Henry Lighthouse. We also spent some time on the beach looking for shells and ended up finding a ton of beach glass! Washington may be the most beautiful place in the world, but the east coast has the best shells and beach treasures hands down. 2016-05-25_00092016-05-25_00102016-05-25_00112016-05-25_0013It’s been fun to get back into blogging this past week! I’m out of posts and pictures to share from my dad’s trip here now, but I definitely want to keep up posting more often now that it’s summer and I have more time! I hope everyone has enjoyed seeing a LOT of pictures from Virginia this past week. To my family who hasn’t been able to visit, now you have a much better picture of what the place I’m living in now is like. I’ll be taking pictures of our home and giving a tour for that same purpose, so stay tuned!



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