Life Updates

It’s been a long time since my last post and things have been BUSY but the semester is finally over!

Only one more semester until I graduate! This past semester, I had the opportunity to be in two research labs and furthered my love for research. I also started working on my honors thesis in psychology (!!!) and am now hopefully within a month of my research proposal and within two months of getting my study up and running. Turns out I really enjoy writing research papers (I’m weird, I know) so this past semester has been fun and I’m looking forward to working on my honors thesis more this summer! This summer, I’ll also be finalizing the list of schools I’m applying to for PhD programs in Clinical Psychology. Things are getting super real super fast!


I’ve also been keeping busy with photography and things are really starting to pick up now that summer is upon us! I’m trying to work on more personal projects this summer too and will be doing a LOT more crafting (this past semester just didn’t have much time for that!) I’m planning on taking pictures of all the projects I do, so hopefully some of them will end up on this blog.2017-05-09_00022017-05-09_0005

And Roscoe is doing really well too, I’m still just as obsessed with him as ever. šŸ™‚ He’s happy to have his mommy home more too! Huge shoutout to him for keeping me sane this past semester. It would have been so much harder without his nightly TV cuddles and all the things he does to make me laugh!


One thought on “Life Updates

  1. Just read your about page, and…I’m surprised that you started your uni life as a Computer Science student and then changed your major just like me! I originally started university life back in 2015 as a Computer Science student but changed my major to International Business.

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