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Cape Charles Virginia

Last weekend, Preston and I both happened to have the same day off and we decided to make a day trip out of it! We had originally wanted to go to the mountains (both of us are really missing Washington) but unfortunately I was thinking that the closest mountains were closer than the Shenandoahs, which unfortunately is not the case. So we started looking for a closer alternative that didn’t involve mountains but would still be fun!

Preston came across Cape Charles online and it was a good find! It’s a cute little beach town and we found a gem of an ice cream shop there, complete with doggie ice cream for Roscoe. It was relaxing walking along the beach (although not on the beach as apparently dogs aren’t allowed there between 9am and 9pm after April 1st… dog beach laws are probably my least favorite of laws in Virginia, especially when the beach is empty anyway) and Roscoe even posed for a cute picture 🙂

To all my family back in Washington, yes, we do drive under water in Virginia (the tunnel connects between where I’m standing and the other point in this picture)


Roscoe decided he needed to defend Mommy from Evil Neptune Statue. 


Sandy face!

After Cape Charles, we headed to Kiptopeke State Park so that Roscoe could get out and actually get some beach time, plus we wanted to see the concrete fleet of ships there! On the way, we stopped so I could get a picture of the Cape Charles lighthouse and the first colored school in Cape Charles. Kiptopeke State Park was beautiful! Roscoe was pretty tired after hunting crabs (he found one!) so we weren’t able to do a lot of hiking, but I think we’ll be back!2017-05-25_00102017-05-25_00132017-05-25_00122017-05-25_00142017-05-25_00152017-05-25_00162017-05-25_00172017-05-25_00182017-05-25_00192017-05-25_00202017-05-25_00212017-05-25_0022

One thought on “Cape Charles Virginia

  1. A very interesting experience! I love beaches! I just went to the beach 2 weeks ago, when I took a special tourist excursion train to Hua Hin. In Thailand there are several coastal areas that you can visit, such as Pattaya, Hua Hin, Kho Samui and Phuket, to name just a few popular tourist destinations.

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