Virginia Adventures

My Mom’s Trip

My mom visited at the beginning of May but aside from pictures of the Corolla wild horses (which you can see here!), I photographed the majority of what we did while she was here on film. I love shooting film, but it means that 1) you have to wait to see the pictures and 2) you have to fill up an entire roll before getting to see ANY of the pictures, so I just got the first set of pictures back about a week ago. I have a bunch more from her trip on a second roll of film that I’m still working on filling up, which is hard because I really want to see the pictures but I really don’t want to quickly fill up the remainder of the roll and waste film to do so! But I really love shooting film. There’s a timeless look to it, I love the dynamic range, and it’s so nice to have minimal editing and not a lot of pictures to go through! I tried a different film stock this time around just to be different (Fuji Superia 400… it’s cheaper than the professional-grade film I normally use, so I was curious about how it would perform) and overall I liked the outcome, however I definitely liked it more for photos on the beach than anything else! So unless I’m going to be at the beach a lot, I’ll probably be sticking with my usual Portra 400 or Fuji 400H for the majority of the summer. 🙂

One of the first things my mom and I did while she was here was go to Fort Monroe. I had only been there once before with my dad and I was coming down with the flu at the time, so it was hard for me to walk around and do things. This time I was healthy though, so we got to walk around a bit more!


After Fort Monroe, we went to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. My mom and I had been there before but it was in August when the heat index was in the 100s. So this trip was much more pleasant and it felt like more flowers were blooming too!2017-05-26_00052017-05-26_00062017-05-26_00072017-05-26_00082017-05-26_00092017-05-26_00102017-05-26_0011

PS. I am OBSESSED with the grain in film images like these.

My mom stayed on the beach for a couple nights, so Roscoe got some beach time and was a very happy puppy! 2017-05-26_00132017-05-26_0014

After our time in Virginia Beach, we headed to the Outer Banks for a couple nights. I had to change my roll of film the morning of the only full day we spent there though, so I’m still waiting on most of my Outer Banks pictures! But these are the ones I have 🙂 2017-05-26_00152017-05-26_00162017-05-26_00172017-05-26_0018

This has got to be the CUTEST and most delicious frozen yogurt place EVER.

I did take a couple pictures in the Outer Banks on my digital camera too, but these are literally all that I have. So I’ll have to do another blog post once I finish that next roll of film, because all my pictures from Hatteras and the Elizabethan Gardens are on that roll 🙂 2017-05-26_00202017-05-26_00212017-05-26_00222017-05-26_0023

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