My Planner

My Happy Planner: May 2017

I’ve wanted to share about this fun hobby of mine for awhile now, and I’m finally going to do it! I love planners, decorating planners, setting up planners, and using planners. Luckily, it’s a great time to be alive for planner addicts like myself because planners are definitely in right now, and it feels like a new planner release is happening every month or couple of months!

I’ve tried a lot of planners, definitely more than I’m proud to admit. The Happy Planner system by MAMBI is hands-down my favorite planner ever. There are so many different styles, there are tons of cute stickers and accessories to decorate with, and the disc-bound system means that you can customize your planner to your heart’s content by adding and removing pages!

Working on my planners is my favorite me time activity.I spend a lot of time on my planners and use them both as a way to keep my schedule straight and document what I did each day, which is really fun to look back on! I use more than one planner, each for a different purpose (more on that in a later post) but I have a classic-size Happy Planner that I use as my everyday, catchall planner.2017-05-30_00012017-05-30_00022017-05-30_0004

This sticky note dashboard was one of my projects this month while my mom was here! I used one of MAMBI’s clear plastic divider dashboards, cut a pretty piece of paper to fit it, and used double-sided tape to attach my favorite sticky notes from various Happy Planner sticky note packs!

I like to stick with a color scheme that goes with each month’s color. May was green in my planner, so I did a bunch of pink, green, and mint spreads. I love all of those colors, but I’m ready for something new in June!2017-05-30_00052017-05-30_00062017-05-30_00072017-05-30_00082017-05-30_0009

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