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Our OBX Day Trip

It has been a long time since my last post, and I mean a LONG time. But with some major life changes coming up, I wanted to get back into blogging, especially since there are some exciting things coming down the road!

I will be starting grad school this fall so we will be moving to Texas in May (!!!), so we’re starting to try and do everything we love here in Virginia at least one more time before we move. On Easter weekend, that meant planning a day trip to the Outer Banks! I love the Outer Banks and have been there a lot, but I think Preston and I have only been there together once (both of us have gone several times, but always with our families and the other one is always too busy to come with). So, we each had many favorite things about going to the Outer Banks, just hadn’t done them together (or with Roscoe) yet! Also, for those of you who aren’t local to Virginia, OBX = the Outer Banks. It took me longer to figure that out than I’d like to admit.

Our first stop was Currituck BBQ which is one of Preston’s favorite places to eat. I realized once I saw the logo that I’d actually had their food before at a wedding I was second shooting. Let me tell you, it is GOOD. Very authentic southern barbecue. I didn’t order anything because I knew my favorite food places were coming up, but it sure looked and smelled good. Roscoe thought so too. He’s usually really well behaved in public, but we had trouble keeping him off the picnic table!


After the barbecue, we completed the drive down to Kitty Hawk and Nags Head. Our plan was to spend a bunch of time on the beach, looking for shells, because we hadn’t ever gotten to do that in the OBX. But first we stopped at Duck Donuts! I’d just realized that there’s a Duck Donuts in Houston (so I won’t be deprived of my favorite donuts, even after we move) but there’s something special about getting them in the OBX.

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of enjoying a Duck Donut, they’re basically the best donuts EVER. They’re made-to-order, right in front of you, so you get to choose all the toppings AND they are WARM. It was a little weird the first time I had one, but now I can attest to the fact that eating a cake donut warm is the only way to eat a cake donut.


After we finished our donuts, we headed to the beach. Roscoe LOVES the beach, so it’s always special when we get to take him! He played with a feather, tried to hunt crabs, and helped us find shells. We ended up finding some nice ones, including a small conch shell (but I forgot to take pictures… oops! Maybe I’ll update this post later!)


Roscoe was SO happy after his time on the beach. After that, we went at got frozen yogurt at my favorite frozen yogurt place of all time, Surfin’ Spoon. Everything about the place is cute from the building to their logo and interior decor, and their yogurt is the BEST I’ve ever had. The salted caramel pretzel is my favorite! Also, they have little doggie frozen yogurts, so they got bonus points in my (and Roscoe’s) books.


We decided to go to Jockey Ridge State Park after our froyo on a whim as we had some extra time. Neither of us had been before, and now I 100% regret not going there with my parents the past times I’ve been in the OBX. It is such a cool place, it’s dog friendly (yay!) and it’s free (bonus points!) Talk about a photographic spot to take pictures too. Preston got a picture of me and Roscoe there that’s now one of my all time favorite pictures of me and Roscoe.


Favorite picture of me and Roscoe ever.


After that, we got the best fish tacos at Mama Kwan’s (I only had a little of Preston’s, so now I’m hoping we can get back to the OBX before we move because I want more!) and headed home. I’ve never been much of an east coast beach person (I like my rocky beaches in Washington), but I’m definitely going to miss the OBX. There’s just something magical about it!

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