Moving Monday: Finding an Apartment

So… the main post of my Moving Monday series is here! Probably the most important part about moving is committing to a place that you’re going to live in your new town. The sooner you can start looking, the better in my opinion since it gives you time to “window shop” for apartments and really search… Continue reading Moving Monday: Finding an Apartment


No New Clothes October: Week 9 (Oct. 26 – 31)

This past week has been super hard with not buying clothes. I think it’s just because I’m sick, but also because it’s been so long since I really shopped. Admittedly, my mom did take me shopping this week to get me some essentials in preparation of my move so I have not completely been off… Continue reading No New Clothes October: Week 9 (Oct. 26 – 31)


3 Month Wedding: The Venue & Photographer

The venue and photographer are two HUGE wedding details that you’ll want to get figured out early on as well. I realized I never talked about choosing a venue in my choosing a date post, so let’s backtrack a little and chat about that 🙂 Choosing the Venue I finally got the opportunity to go… Continue reading 3 Month Wedding: The Venue & Photographer