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A Quick Post

Once again it’s been way too long since my last post. I really miss blogging so starting this weekend, I hope to get back to posting a couple times a week like I used to!

My mom is currently visiting me and it’s been so great and special to see her for the first time since our wedding. I really don’t want her to leave but hopefully we’ll get lucky and be back home for good at the end of the year (if we get lucky with orders.)

I have so many projects I’m looking forward to doing for our apartment. Now that almost everything is clean and organized, it’s going to be fun to decorate a bit more. Here’s a preview of one of the small and quick projects I did for our kitchen. By far, our kitchen is the most complete-looking room in our home and I can’t wait to work on the remaining rooms!

DSC_0419editedI love how it turned out! It’s been too long since I had time to sit down and do some DIY projects.

Until next time,



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