My Planner: November 2016

Sometimes I get asked how I manage to do well in school, run a photography business, have a dog, be married, and still have enough free time to do the things I love. The answer? I plan. A lot. And I’m super intentional about it.

I’ve been wanting to share pictures of my planning system for awhile now because when I’m not busy, working on my planner is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve turned it into a hobby which makes it easier to stick to it (even though in reality, it really doesn’t take that much time out of my week.) Over the past two years, I’ve tried a lot of different planners. So many that I kind of get why Preston would roll his eyes whenever I came home and announced “look at the new planner I found!” I even used multiple planners for several months. But the good news is that after trying a bunch, I finally found something that works for me and is fun.

I use the Happy Planner from MAMBI and I am obsessed. I love that the disc system allows you to add and remove pages. The removable pages also makes it a lot easier to decorate! There are also so many planners from the line to choose from that it was easy for me to find one that looked the way I wanted my planner to look. The other supplies I use for my planning include Staedtler pens, assorted washi tape (mostly from Michael’s) and stickers from MAMBI’s new planner sticker books. I used to purchase planner stickers off Etsy but MAMBI’s new stickers are super cute and a lot more budget-friendly than ordering individual sticker sheets off Etsy, especially if you use one of Michael’s 40-50% off coupons.

This is what November ended up looking like in my planner! PS. I probably only spend 30 minutes a week total working on my planner in small 2-5 minute chunks, so it really doesn’t take up too much time either. Sometimes I wish it took more!2016-12-03_00012016-12-03_00022016-12-03_00032016-12-03_00042016-12-03_0005

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