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Yorktown and Virginia Living Museum | Virginia Adventures

On the third day my dad was visiting, we headed to Yorktown in the morning! I’d been to Yorktown a few times, but I never get tired of the photography there. It’s still so crazy to think that people fight wars on battlefields that were dug… and it’s even crazier to see the remaining hills today!

2016-05-22_00202016-05-22_00212016-05-22_00222016-05-22_00232016-05-22_00242016-05-22_00252016-05-22_00262016-05-22_00272016-05-22_00282016-05-22_0029After a yummy lunch at Yorktown (there’s this cafĂ© that had strawberry and brie turkey sandwiches on a croissant!!!!), we headed to the Virginia Living Museum, or VLM. It’s my favorite place to go here to see animals other than the zoo and is much better than the aquarium in my opinion. P and I even ended up getting a membership there because we enjoy it so much. Most importantly, though, THEY HAVE FOXES!!! If you know me, you know that I love foxes. A lot of that comes from the fact that Roscoe really resembles a fox in so many ways, but let’s face it… foxes are adorable. 2016-05-22_00302016-05-22_00312016-05-22_00322016-05-22_0033Aren’t they adorable?! They were definitely the highlight of our visit there (at least for me!) but we also saw other beautiful animals and birds too!2016-05-22_00342016-05-22_00352016-05-22_00362016-05-22_00372016-05-22_00382016-05-22_00392016-05-22_0040

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