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Kitty Hawk | Virginia Adventures

I guess this still technically counts as a Virginia adventure, since it took place while we were living in Virginia. Technically, Kitty Hawk is in North Carolina but it’s relatively close to the border and is under a two hour drive for us. My dad and I decided to head there while he as here. The site is dog friendly too (extra points in my book!) so Roscoe got to come with us. 🙂

The one thing that my dad kept saying is how crazy it is to be seeing all these places that we’d only heard about in history books before. In South Carolina, we were spoiled with places like the plantations and Fort Sumter and here in Virginia, we are spoiled with so much more. Between Yorktown, Jamestown, Williamsburg and various other Virginian cities, we are very spoiled with history here. It’s so much fun to go to these places and see that yes, they are real. Kitty Hawk even still has the metal rail that Orville and Wilber Wright used to help them launch their first airplanes and officially take flight.

I also started to come down with something the day we went to Kitty Hawk, so I felt pretty cruddy and didn’t take a ton of pictures. But I’m happy with the ones I did get and I can’t wait to see the rest on film scans! It was a fun day trip, being sick and all. 🙂 P and I will be headed back there soon so he can see it as well!2016-05-23_00012016-05-23_00022016-05-23_00032016-05-23_00042016-05-23_0012[1]2016-05-23_00062016-05-23_0008

Roscoe takes flight at Kitty Hawk


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