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Corolla Wild Horses

My mom visited last week (yay!) but unfortunately, most of the pictures I took of her trip were on film that is currently on it’s way to Utah to get developed. So I’ll have to hold off on sharing a lot of the pictures from her trip, but one of the things I didn’t photograph on film (for various reasons) was our trip to Corolla to see the wild horses!

Last August and October, I went up to Chincoteague with both of my parents to see the wild horses there. Seeing the horses is something that’s so different than anything you can see on the west coast and as long as I’m living on the east coast, we might as well take advantage of all these unique experiences! When my mom came this past week, we decided to go to the Outer Banks and since Corolla wasn’t too far out of our way, we decided to go on a tour to see the wild horses. 2017-05-13_0005

It was quite the experience! The horses hang out in this neighborhood on the beach (literally on the beach… the only way to get out there is to drive on the beach, and all the roads within the neighborhood are just sand) and to be honest, they remind me a lot of the deer that are everywhere around my parent’s house back home. What was really cool and different with these horses compared to Chincoteague was that they were on the beach, which made for some pretty picturesque images!


The one mule in Corolla. He’s a lot smaller than the horses and is pretty old. 


One of my mom’s favorite pictures. The sand had filled in most of the staircases there!


Probably my favorite photo 🙂 


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